Current Board Agendas, Minutes and Podcasts

Current Board Agendas, Minutes and Podcasts

Recently I have had a few requests to link the Agendas and Minutes of meetings on my website.   Fortunately it is a requirement that the county present all this information to the public.

Below is a link that will remain updated with current as well as many years past meeting information, and will include links to the following.

Agendas: Required to be made publicly available 48 hours prior to a meeting the agenda will include the place and time of the meeting as well as the members on that respective committee.   A list of action and non-action items will be present on the agenda and will act as an outline for the course of available actions the committee may take.

These agendas will reference resolutions which are drawn up by the states attorneys office and are the exact measures the board is voting on.

Minutes:  Typically made public within a few weeks of each meeting the minutes serve as a written record of the business conducted at that meeting.  Everything from attendance, public comment and roll call votes are spelled out within the minutes.

Podcasts:  a nice feature for those who are on the go, want to save paper by not printing or prefer to hear the discussion and its temper.  These “podcasts” are MP3 files which can be played on your computer, transferred to a ipod/mp3 player or even burned to CD.

Due to recent budget cuts and staff layoffs the ability to produce all these agendas and resolutions in a timely manner can be a challenge as resolutions run through the States Attorneys office and the documentation must be assembled by a clerical skillset.


As always any questions feel free to reach out to me.  I will include the link as a permanent fixture on my website but wanted to dive into a little move detail about your tools to hold your government accountable.

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