Insurance Benefit to end for grandfathered County Board Members

Insurance Benefit to end for grandfathered County Board Members

At this mornings (12/27/2016) Executive Committee I was able to bring forward the motion to end the grandfathered benefit of taxpayer subsidized health care benefits for the elected county board members.

When I was first elected to the board in 2010 this was an issue I wanted addressed at that time as I felt it was absolute non-sense for the taxpayer to be carrying 75% of the costs of a county board members health plan.  While the actual time investment each board member puts in is different the intent was never for the position to be a “full-time” equivalent.  Some board members come to a couple meetings a months, some more some less, and some invest a great deal of time researching and aiding the county in whatever ways they can help.

Regardless this is a benefit that should have been sunset a very very long time ago and while the financial implications will be minor at this point as only a handful of members still receive this benefit I still feel it the prudent and responsible action of our county leadership. Due to certain laws not allowing compensation to change during one’s term the subsidy will continue until the next election of each board member.

The vote was seconded by Mr Johnson (the new Finance Committee chairman) and then passed unanimously through a voice vote in Executive Committee and will now move to the full board for approval on January 10th.  I would encourage anyone who feels this resolution needs to be passed at the full board to contact their representatives and stress such thoughts.

I am very excited for the new leadership within our county government and am very honored to be selected to be on the Executive Committee as this is the only committee resolutions like the one discussed here today can come from.  Expect to continue to see commonsense, prudent resolutions coming from this and other committees.

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  • Jayne Raef says

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. County resources should be focused on county objectives. Thank you for focusing on taxpayer investment and getting the best value for the county dollar.

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