Kankakee County 2014 Primary Election Results

Kankakee County 2014 Primary Election Results

Coverage of Kankakee County Primary Election results including races for County Sheriff, State Representative, County Board Districts, State Representative and more.

The Primary Election was held on March 18, 2014 and locally included multiple contested races within each political party.   I will be sure to post the election results as they are reporting focusing on local elections first.   There are many primary election races which have been widely discussed throughout the county in the papers, social media and at the breakfast table.  Due to the political makeup of some districts the primary winner may very well determine the general winner due to lack of opposition or statistical improbability.

Be sure to check back for the latest results. These are unofficial results and will be updated immediately as results become available.

Kankakee County Sheriff Repulican Primary Results
Percentage Reporting- 100%
TIMOTHY F. BUKOWSKI – 4711 – 59.33%
DARREL L. SMITH – 3230 – 40.67%

Illinois State Representative 79th District Democrat Primary
Percentage Reporting- 100%
KATHERINE CLOONEN – 1621 – 76.43%
JOHN W. HOWARD – 500 – 23.57%

Kankakee County Board District 4 Democrat Primary
Percentage Reporting- 100%
JOHN W. HOWARD – 140 – 42.49%
SAMUEL PAYTON – 186 – 57.06%

Kankakee County Board District 10 Republican Primary
Percentage Reporting- 100%
GERALD CAVANAUGH – 156 – 38.24%

Kankakee County Board District 22 Republican Primary
Percentage Reporting- 100%
ANTONIO CARRICO – 101 – 41.06%
STEPHEN M. EINFELDT – 145 – 58.94%

Kankakee County Board District 28 Republican Primary
Percentage Reporting- 100%
STEVE LIEHR – 287 – 57.63%
TODD E. ARSENEAU – 211 – 42.37%
There are also many additional local races for uncontested county board seats as well as precinct committeeman which I will try my best to update everyone on post election.  I wanted to publish this page as a way for individuals to state updated throughout the night as the unofficial results became available.

Additionally I will be writing a post in the next few days on a recap of votes, turnout and the general election.

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