Kankakee County Collections now over $18,000,000

Kankakee County Collections now over $18,000,000

When court fees, fines, violations and other monies owed to the courts are unable to be collected the Circuit Clerk works with an agency that pursues these collections for full payment to the county.

This company put their fees on top of the amount owed to the county and that is the only way this company is paid. They receive no direct payments from the county and are a strict fee for outcome vendor.

Currently the county has over 18 million in these outstanding fees owed to you, the taxpayers. These amounts date back many years and stem from a variety of cases.

Some stats on this debt:

  • A total of 48,077 of these cases are currently placed with this collection vendor.
  • 5.8 million of this debt originated prior to 1999
  • 6 million of this amount is owed from criminal felony and misdemeanor cases
  • 3.4 million is more recent debt sent to this agency
  • “Of 18M still open (2% of open inventory) which totals $1,025,060, there are 21 cases that have $20,000 (or more) outstanding balance in each: Two (2) are Traffic; One (1) DUI; the rest are Felonies or Misdemeanors.

Now recent debt is looked at as a more favorable debt in regards to be able to collect.  The County does its due diligence in attempting to collect this debt prior to sending it out, which is currently limited due to staffing resources.

I have pushed for years now to find a way to collect this debt through liens on lottery winnings, taxes or through other income.

We found out this morning at our criminal justice meeting that the Circuit Clerks office has just signed on to a new program by the Comptrollers office called tax intercept. This new program has been established to intercept tax returns from individuals who currently owe money to the tax payers. I have high hopes for this program and hope more of the money owed to our county can be collected.  We should be able to see returns on this new program as early as the start of next year.

If anyone has any thoughts on how to collect this debt I would love to hear from you. Additionally questions and concerns are always welcome.

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  • Jeff Hackley says

    This debt has now grown to close to 40 million. Take a minute and speak the clerk and SA

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