New County Board Members and New Chairman/Vice-Chair

New County Board Members and New Chairman/Vice-Chair

At today’s (December 5th, 2016) county board meeting the newly elected members were sworn into office, along with the incumbents who won reelection.

I would like to welcome, Ms Tinker Parker, Ms Elisabeth Dunbar, and Mr Shane Ritter to the board.

Today also marked the end of tenure for three current board members, Mr Enz, Mr James, and Mr Bossert.  I have had the opportunity to serve with these gentlemen and have been able to gain knowledge and insights through their conversations and questions of county business.

Mr Bossert has been the chairman of the board since before my first term in 2010 so I have served beside him for the past 6 years.  I greatly appreciate his commitment to our county and have an admiration for how he has confronted head-on the issues the county has experienced.  While there have been times I have disagreed with Mr Bossert on the correct path, our idea of the destination has always been similar. I want to publicly thank Mr. Bossert for the years of service to the county, the board, as well as his open-door and open-ear policy he has maintained during his time as chairman.

With the new board members sworn-in, we held a special meeting to elect a new board chairman and vice-chairman.  Back in November, at the republican caucus, I was proud to nominate Andrew Wheeler for the position of chairman and today at the full county board he was unanimously voted in as chair.   Stephen Leihr was also unanimously voted in as vice-chairman of the county board.

Mr Leihr has previously served as the vice-chairman of the county until the 2010.  He is now back at the post and I am very excited to have such a committed and studied man representing the county interests. Steve has such a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to local and state happenings which I have no doubt will serve our county well.

Mr Wheeler has been on the board since 2012 and I have had the honor of joining him in multiple pursuits the past couple years (website transparency, health insurance reconfiguration, committee of five financial recommendations).   I am looking forward to the business experience Mr Wheeler will bring to the board as we continue to tackle some very tough issues as well as encounter new opportunities.

This new boards first order of business needs to be pushing harder to get our financials in shape.  Through increased revenues (outside of taxes) and spending cuts we need to hold our local government (ourselves included) for every dollar of taxpayer money that is spent.

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